Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Journey

in my journey from Innocence
to Experience
under the yellow moon
i feel the flaming hand of love
the surge of life within
as i search for the wondrous
springs of time
two souls blend
in perfect harmony
i discover
the hidden wonder
of heaven’s fields at the foot
of the rainbow
i can feel the spark of your essence
the divine seed of light
that enriches my soul
liberating my consciousness
i fall into the new state of loving grace
turning my journey into positive energy
living the good life
by adapting to the shape of the wind
and finding fulfilment
in a world of infinite potentiality
and now, i bathe in your natural
beauty in the hot and flaming heart of desire
i find the centre
of my being
and access its power
as you hover
over my thoughts and feelings
on my yearnings
i become smitten by the naked universe
of shadows – a dreamlike world
of silence and stillness
of beauty and endless joy
a world beyond good and evil
brimming with
the promise of endless love and freedom

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

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